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You can now find us in Walmart stores across Canada as well as select co-op locations. Please use the store locator above to find a retailer near you.

Avail at Walmart1

If you are interested in purchasing RE7 by the case and you reside or work in the Communities below; please feel free to place an order by emailing

1 case minimum order is required, and delivery is available evenings and weekends(900am-1100am only). Teams and Leagues are welcome to place an order as well.


**If you, or your team are located slightly outside the listed geographic community please send us an email**

RE7 Distributors

  • Alberta: Core Mark International Inc
  • Alberta: Elite International Foods
  • Central Alberta: Red Deer Bottling Co. Ltd. Coca-Cola
  • Northern Alberta: Northern Bottling Group Coca-Cola
  • Quebec: J.L. Brissette Coca-Cola

Online Sales

You can purchase RE7 online by the case in select areas of Canada.

Store Request

Want to help spread RE7 to a store near you? Just give them this pre-printed form to request RE7!

Download Form (Word Doc)