The Story

The Story

It all started back in 1995 in Acadia Valley, Alberta, Canada. Michael Stolz and Mathew Park would continually jog together on the train tracks behind their farm talking and envisioning about their dream. The dream was of a ‘drug free’ recovery enhancer, which would help Mathew and Michael in their weightlifting endeavors.

Michael had been training for a number of years, but knew that his recovery was lacking and holding him back. Resistant to unnatural supplements, he started working on different ways to naturally enhance his recovery. He believed that there had to be a better and faster way to recover; so Michael started working relentlessly to find the secret that would help him grow muscle, gain strength, and recover from his workouts. Through trial and error, Michael developed a process that proved to be very effective and PhrecisionTR (PTR) System was born.

The PTR System immediately improved his recovery and performance. His nephew, Mathew, who was involved in competitive bodybuilding, started following the system intently in 2003. During Mathew’s training, with direction from Michael, he quickly realized the outstanding improvements in strength and power while on the program.

During Christmas 2007, a long-time family friend of Michaels, Clair Shoemaker asked Mathew and Michael about the secret to their success. This led to an in-depth conversation of the unique training and recovery system. Clair, a successful businessman, saw the potential in the PTR System and provided incite to Michael and Mathew on how to bring it to the public. So, Mathew and Michael started to put their dream into action.

As the PTR team of Michael, Mathew, and Clair came together, they sought out one more piece. While earning his diploma as a Personal Fitness Trainer from 2004 to 2006, Mathew had studied under Lorraine Glass. Lorraine, who has a Master’s of Science in Human Movement, was approached by Mathew in 2008 to help develop the system in reaching all sports.

As the Training System improved and grew, PTR looked to develop their beverage. They wanted to revolutionize the drink industry with a whole new concept, a performance recovery drink like no other. After partnering with US Sports Management, Inc., RE7 WAS BORN. RE7 was developed from years of experimentation and testing by the founders and is here to help millions of people improve their health and recovery with its unique and powerful concept.

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