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WNBF Figure and Fit-Body Pro Athlete

Rozanne Pyper is a WNBF Figure and Fit-Body Pro Athlete, Owner and Operator of Pipe-N-Fit Training and Nutrition with the Diet Doc Weight Loss Franchise, Graduated with honors and holds a Certified in Human and Sports Nutrition with The Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and General Manager of INBF Canada Inc., a 100% Drug Free Body Building & Fitness Federation. Rozannes passion lies within working with Athletes and Clients one on one, to be the best they can be by reaching attainable goals. With her knowledge of Fitness and Nutrition, and teaming up with The Diet Doc Program, she is quickly becoming one of the top leading Nutritional Coaches in the Health and Fitness industry.

As a Professional Figure Competitor, Nutritional Coach, Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur, I not only train hard, but keep very long hours. I know that giving my body the proper nutrients needed, through diet along with getting adequate rest, is vital to proper recovery and overall health. I am excited to have found the recovery drink, RE7, which really delivers what it promises. It’s a product, without out caffeine that gives me the energy needed for training, while replenishing the minerals and electrolytes needed for adequate recovery for my next workout. I have more energy, decreased muscle soreness and increased mental alertness after drinking this product. It’s a refreshing, light tasting, low calorie beverage that comes in a great user friendly bottle. I look forward to using RE7 on a daily basis!


WNBF Figure & Ms. Fit Drug Free Pro Athlete.

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