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WNBF Pro ‘Drug Free’ Bodybuilder

Mathew Park, a WNBF bodybuilding pro, Peak Mindset Specialist, Passionate Entrepreneur and Certified (NASM) & (CSEP) Personal Trainer, graduated from the Personal Fitness Training Diploma Program at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with honours.

His speciality resides as a Sport Performance, Corrective Exercise and as a Peak Mindset Specialist. Mat has worked with team training, amateur and professional bodybuilders and individualized custom program design with numerous amateur and CFL players.

Mat Park Posing. Mat currently competes as a WNBF bodybuilding pro with the best drug free bodybuilders in the world. As a business entrepreneur, Vice President of ‘RE7’ a Performance Recovery Drink, President of INBF Canada— Canada’s only 100% DRUG FREE Bodybuilding, Figure & Fitness Federation, author, writer for Pro Natural Muscle & Natural Bodybuilder & Fitness digital magazine and owner of Mat’s passion lies in motivating, educating and inspiring others in being the best they possibly can be. His leadership and continual dedication towards ongoing growth and self improvement are key cornerstones to what encompasses his vision and values.

The combination of both the world class corrective, functional and strength components have given me a body that is not only strong but balanced, flexible and functional. I used to have lower back, and hip pains due to my postural imbalances, but now my body is stronger and feels so much healthier.

With the addition of RE7 to my recovery program, at a bodyweight of 175lbs, I rep 550 pound deadlifts for 5 reps and 600lbs squats for 5 reps, and I’m improving every workout at 26 years of age.

I recommend RE7 to anyone who wants to become world class. This is like no other product I have ever seen before and I look forward to breaking my current records DRUG FREE.

-Mathew Park

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