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I’ve had the opportunity to work with some great strength and conditioning coaches and have been on some amazing programs during my college and pro career. I can’t really recall a specific time when I was able to put into words just how my body and performance has evolved as an elite athlete with both the training and addition of RE7 to my routine.

Matt and the addition of RE7 have helped me gain a much better insight on not just how the human body works, but how mine works and what my body needs to do to excel in the gym, on the field and for optimal recovery. Matt’s program is so specifically detailed, that it will enhance superstars into supreme superstars with their game productivity. Since working with Matt my flexibility, power, speed, endurance, and most importantly my game performance have all dramatically sky rocketed. This guy is the real deal. He’s a straight up “Ninja Assassin” when it comes to fine tuning elite athletes.

Working with him is like working with diamonds in the ruff. I’ll admit I was a little skeptical at first because all strength and conditioning coaches believe their theory and approaches are the best. But after buying into his theory and working with him, I have come to a point where I can state exactly how my body works and how this program enhanced my ability to dominate anyone who lines up against me on the other side of the ball. This guy is the real deal and if any elite athlete wants to excel above and beyond the next guy, Get in touch with Matt. Just try it! I’d bet my career that you will have the same thoughts and words I did. This guy is Merciless but I love the way he has my body feeling. I love the fact that I can verbalize what detailed improvements are going on in my body. From an athletes point of view its one of the best investments you’re going to make… Matt is a winner and he’s gonna make it happen for you.

Montreal Allouettes (Grey Cup)
Edmonton Eskimos
Calgary Stampeders

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