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RE7 Announces New Flavors!

We are thrilled to announce that RE7 is now available in two new exciting flavors, Green & Red! The addition of two new flavors brings a total of three thirst-quenching options for fans of RE7, alongside the traditional RE7 Blue flavor. We felt it was very important to begin expanding the available options for RE7, particularly as more and more athletes utilize RE7 as a part of their daily regiment, in order the add variety and reach a new customer base. RE7 Green and Red will be rolled out between 2013-2014 to select stores, and can be purchased online through our website. They feature all the same benefits of the original: 100% All Natural, 20 Calories Per Serving, Made with Stevia, No Caffeine, and Gluten Free.

So what do you think? If you are digging the new flavors, let us know in the comments below!

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  • Leland Nelson

    what are the actual flavors of the red, green, & blue re7 drinks.
    ex. cherry, lime, & blue berry

  • Joshua

    I’m confused on that wording for the red… is it cherry or strawberry? Naturally flavored with Dragonfruit- a cherry or strawberry?

  • Laura Kuhl

    Love the newest flavour Citrus Express. Have tried the others but this one is fabulous. Keep the the good work. And thank you for something that is not only healthy but delicious.

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