Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D is central to many anabolic processes in the body, especially those modulated by calcium signaling. Vitamin D is not a nutrient that is easily obtained from the diet, but large amounts can be made in the skin by solar ultraviolet light irradiation.

However, many people intentionally avoid sun exposure due to risks of contracting skin cancer. Other people who spend most of the day indoors or who live in northern areas with shorter days and lower intensity sunlight have little opportunity to obtain vitamin D from sun exposure. Therefore, most people need to obtain vitamin D from diet, unfortunately there are few good food sources of vitamin D and vitamin D deficiency is reaching epidemic proportions.

Inflammation is one of the greatest inhibitors of muscle growth and development. Strenuous exercise causes muscular damage requiring re-growth and repair, a normal process which results in new stronger muscle tissue. However, when the immune cells respond over aggressively and for too long they impede the repair and growth of muscle tissue and actually attack and damage existing healthy muscle. Prolonged soreness and fatigued feeling muscles are signs of harmful inflammation. It is now known that vitamin D deficiency results in chronically higher levels of tumor necrosis factor, one of the most important immune factors leading to inflammation. It is important to maintain optimal vitamin D status to avoid excessive inflammation that will damage muscle and prevent muscle development. RE7 contains vitamin D which is critical for optimal recovery.

The effects of vitamin D on muscle development are well documented and its importance well characterized. The most important, but certainly not the only, reasons for athletes to have optimal vitamin D status include the following:

  1. Regulates calcium absorption.
  2. Important for bone growth.
  3. Important for calcium-mediated muscle action.
  4. Important for muscular strength.
  5. Important for stability and balance.
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