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What does RE7 stand for?

RE7 is in reference to the 7 words related to recovery (REcover faster, REcharge the mind, REhydrate fluids, REfuel the body, REjuvinate with zest, REpair the immune system, REplenish lost micronutrients).

What do you mean by recovery?

Recovery can be defined as the process of improving immune function, overall health and replenishing essential lost vitamins and minerals. Various physical and mental stresses including strenuous bouts of exercise elevate acidity and lactic acid in the body. Elevated acidity may delay recovery.

Who should drink RE7?

Everyone. RE7’s formula is designed to be effective in every individual, regardless of age, sex, or exercise levels.

Why is RE7 different from other beverages?

Unlike most drinks on the market which contain caffeine and high levels of sugars, RE7 does not contain either. RE7 helps you feel better and improve recovery, as all ingredients are  natural. RE7 focuses on micronutrients that enhance physiological systems in the body.

When should I drink RE7?

You can drink RE7 anytime during the day.

Why should I drink RE7?

RE7 doesn’t contain artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors and has only 20 calories per serving. Re7 has no caffeine, no preservatives, is sweetened with stevia, contains a unique combination of 11 essential vitamins + minerals, and is not fill pasteurized.

What will I feel after drinking RE7?

Other than being refreshed and recovered, you will not feel anything immediately after consuming RE7. This is not an “energy” drink that will give you an immediate rush and jittery feeling that eventually leads to a crash; nor will it leave you feeling bloated and heavy.

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