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RE7 is created for anyone desiring to feel better and improve their overall health. Our zero calorie drink provides a great taste without the need of ingesting unnecessary excess sugar your body doesn’t need…and best of all, it’s caffeine free! RE7’s unique combination of vitamins & minerals allows it to be used as a hydrator, immune booster or simply for the benefits of overall good health.

Whether young, old, athletic or not… RE7 is created to help your body recover.

zero calories

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1 year ago
Red Rock Union

WOW 7.2 Kms obstacle course in 1 hour! Way to go! #drinkRe7

Congrats! To our 1st place finisher

7.2 Kms - 28 obstacles in 1 hour!


1 year ago

Out at Red Rock Unions Conquer the Coulee today! Grab a Re7 when you finish your run and tag us with #drinkRe7. Good luck to all the athletes today!

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10 months ago

How’s everyone’s summer!? #drinkRE7

11 months ago

Happy weekend! What everyone up to? Let us know. #drinkRE7

11 months ago
Photos from RE7 Wellness Drink's post

Look at these beautiful photos sent in to us! What an amazing way to start off the summer. Post some pictures of what summer adventures you get up to using the #drinkRE7.

11 months ago

RE7 is a unique vitamin and mineral based recovery drink! Try us today. #drinkRE7

11 months ago
Hues for Humanity

Such a great even to be at. Thank you for having us there! #drinkRE7

Hues For Humanity 2019 - 📷Emilie B

#ColorTheHat #DrinkRe7

12 months ago

Look at this beautiful photo sent in to us! Send us some of your pictures or tag us. #drinkRE7

1 year ago
Photos from RE7 Wellness Drink's post

New Stickers! Come get yours first at the Hues For Humanity color run, tomorrow June 8th. We will have a tub full of our new flavours so run, have fun, and give us a try!
Hues for Humanity ... See more

1 year ago
Photos from RE7 Wellness Drink's post

New location! We are now also available at the Redcliff Family Foods. Come out and try them!

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